Kauno miesto savivaldybės tarybos narė Loreta Kudarienė

December 24, 2010


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"Aš skelbiu jums didį džiaugsmą: šiandien jums gimė Išganytojas - Viešpats Mesijas" (Lk 2, 10-11) - šiais angelo žodžiais sveikinu visus internetinio svetainės skaitytojus Kristaus gimimo - Šv. Kalėdų proga. Telydi Jo palaima visus ateinančius metus!

Jūsų Loreta



@ 2013-08-08 05:45:54

Amazing technology and I am very inertested to find out more about this LORETA. Loved when he talked about his experience I woke up early and I had an awareness of a presence that overwhelmed me. I literally cried out to the universe. I surrendered myself. And it started. I couldnā€™t fight it. It was a transformative experience in which I felt the presence of unconditional love. It was life-changing. I realized that I am here for a reason, and I had to do something important for myself and for humanity. It helped me put into practice my own spiritual truth. I went through a spontaneous spiritual enlightenment and transformation that adimpelled to serve others, as I came to realize the unity among us all. As much as I appreciate and respect science and technology, these high-tech tools are just a means to an end. At the heart of my work is the recognition of a spiritual process that is the birthright of every living being.ā€


@ 2016-10-28 07:35:01

You're on top of the game. Thanks for shangri.